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Retail, wholesale & eCommerce solutions to help you manage your operations, whether you have one store, or one hundred.

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What's inside?

Everything you need to manage your retail operations.

The GlobalTill platform includes point of sale, eCommerce, analytics, inventory, purchasing and product management tools so you get a complete package.



Understand what drives your sales, what your optimal re-ordering points are and how your salespeople are performing.



Learn from your data and grow your business. Our expert-built dashboards help you gain valuable insights into your operations.


Price Zones

Stay competitive by customizing your pricing by province, region, or even multiple zones within a city. Create multiple pricing levels for each product.


Gift Cards

Gift cards are included with each standard GlobalTill subscription. Improve cash flow without extra fees.



Manage your eCommerce operation directly from GlobalTill. Staff process orders using the same easy-to-follow flow to minimize training.



Generate POs automatically based on stock replenishment levels. Set retail pricing rules on a category or product level for continuously updated retail pricing.


Industry Catalogs

Import high-quality product images, descriptions, and detailed supplier information from industry catalogs available for cannabis & liquor.



Create a loyalty program that drives profit and increases customer retention. Our points-based program helps you reward shoppers quickly and easily - and it even works online!

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Flexible for your business

GlobalTill has been designed with the flexibility needed to adapt to a variety of business use cases and deployment scenarios.

Platform support

GlobalTill supports traditional desktop based deployments on Windows and macOS, as well as tablets with iOS and Android support.

Enterprise ready

Effectively and efficiently managing your inventory can be challenging when you have a single store, let alone several locations spread across different markets and sales channels. GlobalTill offers a single source of truth for your inventory and sales data.


Our integrated partners offer unique services that help you extend GlobalTill with additional payment processors, eCommerce platforms, CRM, and more.

Featured Partner

Select partners can now sell Cannabis with Square.

As a GlobalTill partner, you can now easily use Square as your payment processor. Square offers custom, competitive rates for both online and retail cannabis sales. Outfit your stores with reliable, state of the art, hardware that buyers know and love or process from your existing POS/website. Integration and implementation are easy and you can start accepting payments in just a few days! Learn more.

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Select partners can now sell Cannabis with Square
Square Terminal is your all-in-one credit card terminal for payments and receipts.
Featured Partner

Square Payments

Accept payments quickly, easily and securely with no monthly fees. Square Payments offers sleek hardware, and an ecosystem of add-ons to help you run, and grow, your business.

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